Buell FireBolt Adventures

Jill England
Last Modified: December 2004


Finally have enough images to go to two pages of bike rides. Looking forward to adding more in 2005.

(By the way it was not lost on me back when Harry Potter started riding a 'Firebolt' broom. I think the analogy is apt only my Buell Firebolt is faster ... ;)

All Images Copyright (c) 2003-2004, Jill England

My New Bike and other Stories

July 2002 through September 2003

I'm not sure if riding a bike is an excuse to take pictures or if I'm taking pictures because I'm riding my bike. In any case it's a great opportunity to do to things I just am totally passionate about.

My Slightly Used Bike and other Stories

Rides in Pictures for 2004

2004 is a better year for bike riding though not nearly as many adventures. Just as soon as it warms up a bit I'll start trips again. I think I'll ride out to forks. In the meantime I'm considering a winter trip to California just wish that Amtrack had a motorcycle car. ( if wishes were fishes ...)