Hyperfaceted: Having multidimensional planes, faces, projects, or views of or on a hyperspacial object. Term used in analisis of atomic structure Here used in the concept of multiple views of a software project in systems analysis and design. Conceptually applicable to all engineering disciplines.

2001 a space odyssey, Copyright (c) Arthur C. Clarke, 1968. "How obvious how necessary was the mathematical ratio of its sides, the quadratic sequence 1:4:9! And how naive to have imagined that the series ended at this point, in only three dimensions!"

NEW! 2/5/2005
New desktop and screensaver images fresh from the chilly surface of Mars and by Mars Exploration Rover B ("Mer-B") Aka 'Opportunity'.

These color images are of the Nickel-iron meteor discovered lying next to the heat sheild.

Revised Links and Images. Plus some new descriptions.

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